The competition Blue Stone Awards 2016/17 is open to architects, interior architects, landscape architects, designers, students, stone and marble masons wordwide. The entries will concern terminated projects (new construction or renovation and refurbishment) as well as concepts.

The projects may be carried out individually or in groups, without restriction of the members of the team. In case of presentation of projects realized by a team the team leader will have to be mentioned since, in case of prize award, he/she will be the person invited to the awarding ceremony. The number of projects to be presented by a single participant or a team is unlimited.

All presented projects will have to use blue stone as a main component.



    • Object or decorative element
    • Interior design
    • Construction
    • Exterior


    The Blue Stone Awards compensates also:


    • the best realization in all categories
    • the best project/concept in all categories



Work Presentation

1. Language:
You can use English, French or Dutch for the description of the project

2. Graphic model:
Graphic presentation in 2D and/or 3D will be shown in max 3 (three) A3 format sheets in one pdf file. Maximum size: 5MB per project/file. Each project must contain following information: photos, planimetry, cross-sections, project description, name of the project, name of the architect, construction date, location, country. It is mandatory to declare in which of the 6 categories the projects is presented.

1. Projects can be presented simultaneously in several different categories

2. Each contestant can present an undefined number of entries

3. If the jury considers it relevant and in case of doubt, the members of the jury will have the right to shift a project from one category to another.


In order to make sure your project will be selected, we kindly advise you to provide us with:

  • minimum 3 HD pictures of your projects/concept (general picture and details)
  • a recent portrait picture

3. Project description:
The presentation of the projects must be done using only two A4 sheets (max. 4000 characters). Participants are kindly requested to mention the reason why they choose for Blue Stone as well as the line of thought leading to this concept/project.

4. Graphical presentation of the project:
Please find below examples in Microsoft Word of the graphical model in A3 and the project description in A4 format. Please prepare your project in this format.

Model A3 (graphical) Grafisch model
Model A4 (description) Beschrijving


In summary:

  1. register via the online application form and you will receive afterwards an email containing the registration number of your project (please note that each project has its own registration number so, if you wish to upload more than one project, please mention this when you register in first place).
  2. prepare your project and do not forget to mention the registration number
  3. merge the A3 pages into a single PDF file. Proceed the same way for the A4 pages.
  4. Upload both PDF files via the online submission form. In the third field (‘upload the document’) you have the possibility to upload the 3 HD pictures (or more) together with your picture in an .zip file.

Registration is closed





All the files should contain the following information:
a. On top, right, the colophon of the selection (category, color)
b. On the bottom, all additional data concerning the contestant


Entry deadline:
Deadline for introducing entries is Sunday 30 July 2017 at midnight.
The winners will be contacted by phone or e-mail before 18 August 2017.

Foto's copyright:
By participating in the competition applicants authorize Carrières du Hainaut and Archi-Europe to publish images and text excerpts to be published in press releases, magazines and websites. This authorization is granted to the organizers of the Blue Stone Awards without any charge, without territorial limits and for an indefinite period.



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